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Developing Leaders

Listen to Elizabeth discuss new ideas to support leaders who are navigating increasing levels of systemic pervasive change and resultant uncertainty! Click here for Navigating Team Resilience Podcast and here for the published research story.

“If we are to develop leaders capable of operating effectively, sustainably and responsibly in increasingly complex and uncertain environments, then a broad and comprehensive approach to mindfulness is essential.” King and Badham, 2020, Leadership in Uncertainty,  p13

Listen to the podcast Dr Tahora and Dr Elizabeth King: Developing Leaders to Perform in Uncertainty

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Leadership in Uncertainty

How to integrate personal performance, business profit and societal progress while navigating disruption

Coaching for leadership wisdom

Unleashing potential in challenging times

High Performing Groups

From boats to boards

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"After immersing myself and my crew in the program for 4 months prior to the great race we really connected ….and I found myself listening more than talking …and working harder on my leadership skills than ever before.  We also removed a lot of white noise and distractions within our communication channels that usually get noisier with wild unpredictable weather and raised testosterone.

Employing Mindfulness techniques as a resource for our racing crew gave us the tools to improve our performance. The team was provided with a mental advantage over our competition, ensuring we were reaching our potential. Dr King's programme successfully enhanced our performance and the results proved that ….it worked …. we won  our division in last year’s Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race" Carl Craaford - most successful Sydney to Hobart navigator

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