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Academic Papers

Academic Papers

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King, E., & Badham, R. (2019). Leadership in Uncertainty: The mindfulness solution. Organisational Dynamics, 48 (4), 100674

 M at Work first page copy.png

Badham, R., King, E., 2021. Mindfulness at work: A critical re-view. Organization 28, 531–554

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​King, E., Norbury, K., & Rooney, D. (2021). Systemic Awareness Coaching: Film as a Coaching Tool for Leadership Development. In Positive Psychology Coaching in the Workplace (pp. 277-296). Springer, Cham

WoM first page.png

King, E., & Badham, R. (2020). The wheel of mindfulness: A generative framework for second-generation mindful leadership. Mindfulness, 11(1), 166-176.

Mindfulness and Job Performance_edited.jpg

King, E., & Haar, J. M. (2017). Mindfulness and job performance: A study of Australian leaders. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 55(3), 298-319.

Gen Mind first page.png

Goldman Schuyler, K., Watson, L. W., & King, E. (2021). How Generative Mindfulness Can Contribute to Inclusive Workplaces. Humanistic Management Journal, 1-28.

CLW first page.png

King, E., Norbury, K., & Rooney, D. (2020). Coaching for leadership wisdom. Organizational Dynamics, 100815.

CwD first page_edited.jpg

King, E., & Nesbit, P. (2015). Collusion with denial: Leadership development and its evaluation. Journal of Management Development

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Elizabeth King,  Layla Branicki, Kate Norbury & Richard Badham (2023 Navigating team resilience: A video observation of an elite yacht racing crew

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