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High performing groups

From boats to boards

Both Boards of directors and Elite Ocean racing crews share an unusual collective experience. These highly skilled people meet irregularly,  prepare largely separately, and make consequential decision in defined time periods with high levels of ambiguity. They grapple with multiple purposes, draw upon a blend of experience and gut feeling, technical knowledge, and attentiveness to others when making decisions in risky and dangerous situations.

Elite ocean racing poses potential risk to life and limb because features inherent to competitive sailing, such as uncertain weather, complex tidal systems, and equipment failures, can lead to the boat capsizing, crew falling overboard or injury from heavy equipment. Boards of Directors navigate the governance of organisations through turbulent competitive environments with demanding customer needs, while monitoring risk, succession, opportunities and the interests of a variety of stakeholders.

Ocean racing crews act as an observable study of leadership in uncertainty in real time and offer lessons in navigating uncertainty for all boards  executives, and entrepreneurs

Noarlunga South Australia

Mindfulness development

Four different kinds of mindful leadership interventions

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