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Performance Coaching

Time poor executives looking for a 1-1 programme

For some executives it is not possible or desirable to learn performance skills in a workshop format. 

Performance coaching offers an alternative when timeframes or circumstances demand. It is a flexible, efficient and proven approach to improving performance.Performance coaching involves a series of intense one-to-one sessions that will facilitate enhanced wellness, personal growth and improved performance using evidenced based mind body techniques.

Each program is specifically designed for the individual's chosen goal and involves mastery training in high performance skills along with self-directed learning. Goals can be as different as individuals and may include preparation for the next role or enhanced ability to perform the current one.

Who should attend?

Executives looking for rigorous one-to-one support in attaining health and performance goals will enjoy this program. The executive whose results depend on their intellectual and emotional skills, energy and ability to perform under stress will find that the focus on their broader life delivers powerful results in their working life.

Surfing at Sunset

Program Outline

Each participant is supported to adjust their environment, behavior, emotions and thinking patterns to support the achievement of their goal.

Content may evolve from any or all aspects of the following modules: 

  • Powerful Belief Systems 

  • Stress Resilience 

  • Mindful Living 

  • Nutritional Medicine 

  • Personal Planning for Peaceful Living 

  • Creative Cognition 

  • High Performance, Low Anxiety. 

  • Applied Positive Psychology

Program Benefits

Coaching outcomes include: 

  • Increased creativity and problem solving ability 

  • Increased confidence 

  • Elevated performance threshold 

  • Decreased medical symptoms 

  • Improved relationships at work and home 

  • A sense of life balance.

  • Greater satisfaction and joy

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