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  • Dr Elizabeth King

Breaking the Mold: How Film Influences Gender Expectations in Entrepreneurship

I am delighted to announce the publication of our most recent paper, 'Joy and the Mop: The Role of Film in Constructing and Deconstructing Gender in Entrepreneurship.' This paper delves into how films portray gender within the context of entrepreneurship, an aspect often overlooked despite its substantial implications.

In conducting this research, my colleagues, Dr Layla Branicki, Dr Kate Norbury, and I immersed ourselves inthe movie, Joy, which tells the story of a successful female entrepreneur. We applied the principles of gender performativity, a theory suggesting that gender is conveyed through our actions and behaviours, not inherent traits.

Our analysis reveals two pivotal findings. Firstly, films can both fortify and subvert gender expectations within entrepreneurship. This dichotomy demonstrates how movies can perpetuate stereotypes while simultaneously questioning and challenging them. Secondly, we've distinguishedthree forms of gender expression in the movie -exaggerated femininity, instrumental masculinity, and situational gender blending -all of which defy traditional views of women in entrepreneurship.

Gaining a deeper understanding of how gender is portrayed can highlight the biases and obstacles that women entrepreneurs face. This insight can aid us in shaping narratives that foster full participation of women in entrepreneurship.

Whether you're a leader, entrepreneur, or simply interested in the subject, our research offers insights that could reshape your perceptions and foster more inclusive practices in entrepreneurship.You can access the full paper

Your thoughts and feedback would be greatly valued. Thank you for your unwavering support.

Best regards, Dr. Elizabeth King

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