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Mindfulness in the Boardroom

Invitation to complete a survey to help construct a validated Mindfulness questionnaire for the Boardroom

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Mindfulness vs Mindlessness

In the challenging landscape of corporate governance, mindfulness emerges as a pivotal tool for effective, ethical, and sustainable decision-making. The stark contrast between the potential benefits of mindfulness and the dangers of mindlessness underscores the imperative for boards to foster a culture of awareness, focus, and consideration.

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Developing the board to enact the good life

Interim study results presented at EGOS conference Cagliari, July 2023
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Mindfulness in the Boardroom

By consciously embracing mindfulness in the boardroom, organizations can cultivate adaptability, resilience, and stakeholder consideration, promoting not only their own prosperity but also the greater good of society and the environment. If you or your board are interested in finding out more, I’d be delighted to chat. We can book a conversation through email -

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