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  • Dr Elizabeth King

Exploring the Future of Corporate Governance

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Exploring the Future of Corporate Governance: Key Insights from EGOS 2023

I am thrilled to provide a glimpse into the upcoming EGOS (European Group and Organizations Studies) Conference's Sub-theme 28: Corporate Governance and Enacting Good Life. This hybrid forum promises to reveal the current trends and future trajectories in corporate governance and leadership.

A focal point I eagerly anticipate is my research project: "Developing the Board to Enact the Good Life: understanding and developing board performance with second generation mindfulness." This study couldn't have unfolded without the valuable input of numerous directors who dedicated their time to complete the associated Mindful Board Survey. Their firsthand experiences and insights are integral to this exploration of board performance and mindfulness. I extend my heartfelt thanks to them all.

At the EGOS conference, our distinguished speakers will navigate a spectrum of topics probing the intersection of Corporate Governance and the good life. From the influence of gender quotas on organizational culture to the role of board policies in sustainable practices, and the significance of diversity and psychological safety to the nuances of cognition and communication in boards - we'll cover it all. Full list of topics can be found below.

On behalf of my research team, I extend an invitation to you to engage in this dialogue. Our goal is to fuse the academic and industry perspectives, stimulating thought-provoking discussions that will propel our collective efforts towards a good life.

Considering these conversations that are poised to redefine leadership in our organizations, I encourage you to ponder on these themes. We're eager to hear your thoughts:

· Which questions do these themes spark in you?

· How do these trends align with your experiences or expectations?

· What implications do these topics have for you as a leader?

· How can these insights be transformed into tangible actions within your organizations?

Your contribution is vital in marrying academic research with real-world application. Our research team, Dr Vince Murdoch and Dr Justin Brienza and myself, look forward to your reflections and the opportunity to present them to governance scholars at the upcoming conference.

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